Andra Day, Coca-Cola, McDonald's

Andra Day Teams Up With McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Shazam for New Program

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s recently announced a first of its kind collaboration: the Rise Up ESSENCE® Festival program. The program, that launched on May 2nd, features Grammy nominated artist Andra Day and the lyrics of her single, “Rise Up” and the film ‘I Rise,’ on close to 40 million Coca­-Cola cups in select McDonald’s restaurants across the[…]

CollegeDJ Remembers David Bowie – His Impact On Hip Hop

While everyone says they listen to everything – most people don’t.  They are stuck in one genre and for the most part don’t dare to move away from things they are already familiar with.  That definitely wasn’t David Bowie.  He was creative until the very end and dropped a video called “Lazarus” right before his[…]