SoULFULL & Ty Jackson – Truth x Boulevard Blues (EP) @soulfullnjn @therealtyjack

   New Jeru Natives SoULFULL & Ty Jackson bring listeners a new 5-track EP entitled Boulevard Blues. In a time in which artists are microwaving collaborative efforts, SoULFULL & Ty Jackson display a level of chemistry that rivals Mos Def and Talib Kweli’s Blackstar days. That chemistry is ever present on the poignant second track “Truth”, in which the duo[…]

NEW ALBUM: Aaron Kane “I’ts All Luv”

Aaron Kane released a new mixtape today called “It’s All Luv.” The talented and soulful New Jersey singer — who also wrote the entire album — delivers a remarkable display of timeless love music that is guaranteed to set the mood. Download Aaron Kane’s “It’s All Luv” LP for free here Follow Aaron Kane on Twitter[…]

New Mixtape: World’s Fair – “Bastards of the Party”

New Mixtape: World’s Fair – “Bastards of the Party” World’s Fair created buzz after their Labor Day performance at the annual Fool’s Gold Day Off event in Brooklyn. Now, the Queens-based group has released their debut album, Bastards of the Party. The 6-man group, (composed of Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna, Nasty Nigel, Remy Banks and Lansky), previously released “Your Girl’s Here Pt.[…]