Sound Check Mixtape Volume 9 Track List and Download

collegedj sound check mixtape volume 9 Sound Check Mixtape Volume 9 Track List and Download:

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The number 1 college music mixtape is back!.  The CollegeDJ Sound Check Mixtape Volume 9 is here! This time we’ve got a whole new set of hits for you to enjoy.  This compilation features the best in new, hot hip hop music and a bit of R&B. We’ve featured a couple of dance tracks that are also top notch.

“Back To The Basics” is how we started this mixtape featuring R-Kitech and hip hop revolutionary Hakim Green from Channel Live.  If you’ve been put on by KRS1 who’s considered one of the best of all time, like Hak, you know what your doing.

Serge with the help of Coopac smash it on the next rack called “Clarity“.  We were impressed with the lyrics and the saxophone sample that’s second to none.

Get to know Dunbar the duo of Bunchy Cartier and S.S who are making a name for themselves with their distinctive lyrical style and beat selection.  The track called “Street Bidness” is classic hip hop and also features a stunning use of horns on the beat.

“Pipe Dream” is an official track from Qualiti that showcases his extraordinary lyricism and the track is positive.  The distortion on the guitar used in the track is ridiculous to put it mildly.

“Mr Vindicated” from Jevy is an awesome track” – period.

Archie Bang is next up with a song called “Rebirth Of Ill”  he’s been featured on mixtapes by DJ Whoo Kid and has cosigns from DJ KaySlay

“Breath Taken” from Il Duce Da Legend ft. Matt G. is another fiery track that starts off with ill keys and a tight hook.  “I pull of in something low to the ground, I’m the coldest around……”

You’re gonna like the track “All Of The Sudden” from Rilla. It’s an inspirational rap track for haters who notice a person making it.

The only femcee on the mixtape is a track from Nikki D. and Kee-Babi called “Bank Head Bounce”. The hook on the 808s is unbelievable, see for yourself.

Semi shows off her smooth and unique R&B, pop, rap style on a track with NJs Rob McCoy“Fall For Anything” is surreal and Semi takes listeners on a cool trip.

Tre’Von finishes the R&B section of the mixtape with “Rock With Me”.  Tre’Von is crazy-talented and his music is phenomenal.

Septimius the Great is on something different with the track “Exotic Pleasure”.  This dance track has a strong Asian infused harmony that makes it a dj favorite. Septimius the Great has rocked over the world making audiences move with his unmatched style.

Chris Wise hails from Illinois and takes the coveted final track spot on the CollegeDJ Sound Check Mixtape Volume 9If you listen to our mixtapes you know we put something striking on the end of each tape with a message.  Wise fits the bill with this Grade A beat from Bailo Beats on a track called “Plantation Politics”.  Frankly, we’ve never heard anything like this….

And it’s a wrap!…. Sound Check Mixtape Volume 9 Track List:

  1. Back To The Basics – R-Kitech ft. Hakim Green @rkitech @hakimgreen
  2. Clarity – Sergeveli prod. by Coopac @sergeflgt @coopacshakur
  3. Street Bidness – Dunbar (Bunchy Cartier & S.S.) @_yf1   @kornerboy_ss
  4. Pipe Dream – Qualiti @qualitilife
  5. Mr. Vindicated – Jevy @jevysworld
  6. Rebirth Of Ill – Archie Bang @archiebangmuzik
  7. Breath Taken – Il Duce Da Legend ft. Matt.G @itzilduce
  8. All Of A Sudden – Rilla @rillagotflow
  9. Bank Head Bounce – Nikki D. & Kee-Babi @afenikkid
  10. Fall For Anything – Semi ft. Rob McCoy @gosemi @robmccoy1
  11. Rock With Me – Tre’Von @trevonsmusic
  12. Exotic Pleasure – Septimius the Great @septimiusmusic
  13. Plantation Politics – Chris Wise Prod. by Bailo Beats @getwisenyc @bailobeats

Listen to the Sound Check Mixtapes here featuring underground music. We’ve featured unreleased, underground songs from indie artists and major label names you know such as Kanye West, Young Chris, Ma$e, Problem, Naledge and More

Happy Cinco De Mayo 2013!


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